Hehuanshan Mountain

My friend Eric and I went on a 5 day 4 night east coast Taiwan trip.  Eric did all the planning and I just followed.  We started in Taipei and … Continue Reading →


3 dogs on a motor scooter

I was near the Sunday Taoyuan Flower Market, the one under the bridge near Hutou Mountain Park. I grabbed a snack from a street vender and became amused at the … Continue Reading →


Scooter Mittens

If you are from the USA chances are good that you have never seen scooter mittens so I thought that I would give you a few photos.  There may be … Continue Reading →


Close Motor Scooter Parking

I was taking a walk in Taipei and I noticed how close the scooters were parked to each other.   In Taipei this is common and that is one of … Continue Reading →


Scooter Delivery in a Crowd

Can you imagine being in a market so crowded with people that it is hard to walk.  I think we have all had that experience but can you imagine making … Continue Reading →


Scooter Driving in the Rain

If you live in the USA and you are old enough to remember the motorcycle daredevil Evil Knievel you may have heard him say “Even I don’t drive in the … Continue Reading →


Domino Pizza Delivery Scooters

I was walking past a Domino Pizza shop and noted the fleet of 7 delivery scooters parked out front.  I have eaten Dominos Pizza in the USA and in Taiwan … Continue Reading →


Special Needs Scooter Parking

I am from the Midwest part of the USA near Chicago.  I have never seen a scooter parking stall in the USA.  The first time that I saw a scooter … Continue Reading →

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Motor Scooter Photos

Taiwan has a population of around 20 million people and there are about 10 million motor scooters on the road.  Suffice it to say that if you are from the … Continue Reading →

Motor Scooter Accidents

Riding a motor scooter in Taiwan is dangerous. It is however almost a necessary evil. Under the right conditions it is a lot of fun and very convenient but you … Continue Reading →