Nanmen Market

Nanmen Market is located at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall MRT station exit 2.  I visited this market for the first time just the other day and was impressed with all … Continue Reading →


Tea, Coffee & Wine Expo

The Taiwan Tea, Coffee and Wine Expo was held November 18-21 2016 at the Nangan Exhibition Center.  I went there with no information, so I had zero expectations.  The Expo … Continue Reading →


Linkou Night Life

This post is intended more as a statement than a review.  The statement is that now it is possible to hear live music in Linkou in a lounge / restaurant … Continue Reading →


Pineapple Cake DIY

Pineapple Cake is another food that Taiwan is famous for.  Vigor Kobo has a pineapple cake factory located in the Wugu district of New Taipei City.  Some family and friends … Continue Reading →


Peking Duck

Peking Duck is great! Check out my video to see how they carve it and my photos how it looks served.


Nanliao Port

Nanliao Port is ranked #4 of 70 things to see in Hsinchu.  It is a popular location on the coast and busy.  Many people fly kites there, eat special street … Continue Reading →


Beipu Leicha DIY

Beipu Leicha DIY….what is that?  Beipu is a Hakka town in Hsinchu County.  Hakka is a major ethnic group in Taiwan and they have their own traditional foods one of … Continue Reading →

Taiwan Food

People often ask me about the food in Taiwan, like, what is my favorite food and so on.  It is a difficult question because there is such a big selection … Continue Reading →


Tea Shop Experience

Taiwan is famous for tea and you can see tea shops all over the place. Tea appreciation, traditional tea drinking and traditional tea shops are a “foreign” experience for me … Continue Reading →


Miaokou Night Market

The Miakou Night Market in Keelung is a few minute walk from the train station.   In 2010 it was voted the “tastiest” and “most friendly” night market in Taiwan. … Continue Reading →