August 23 Artillery Battle Museum

The August 23 Artillery Battle Museum is located in Jinhu Township on Kinmen Island.  The displays give a complete history of the artillery war.  Entrance is free.


Navy Destroyer Museum

The Teyang Navy Destroyer Museum is located in Tainan.  The entry fee is $50 NTD  (about $1.70 USD).  I enjoyed touring this ship, not often that you  have the opportunity … Continue Reading →


Museum of World Religions

The Museum of World Religions is ranked as #79 of 531 things to do in New Taipei City.  It is located at 236 Zhongshan Road in the Yonghe District.  It is … Continue Reading →


Hongmaogang Cultural Park

“In 2007, the Hong Mao Gang Village was relocated from the original site in Siaogang District to make a way for Port of Kaohsiung Intercontinental Container Terminal. Using a small lot … Continue Reading →


Bee Museum

I am not sure of the best title for this but Bee Museum, Bee Farmer, Honey House and Fong Cai Museum all seem correct.  This museum is rated #11 of … Continue Reading →


W&W Jewelry Museum DIY

The “Green Island Group of Six” did a DIY (do it yourself) project at the W&W Jewelry Museum in Linkou.  We each did a different project so the steps and … Continue Reading →


Pinglin Tea Museum

The Pinglin Tea Museum is located in Pinglin.  You can get there by bus from the Xindian MRT Station.  There are 2 buses that go there, the 923 and the … Continue Reading →


Glastory Arts Center

Taiwan has created something called Industrial Tourism.  I really like the idea.  It is a novel way to learn about local industries through DIY (do it yourself) projects.  Participating factories … Continue Reading →


Formosa Plastics Group Museum

The Formosa Plastics Group Museum is located at the Chang Gung University of  Science and Technology.  The museum is on 7 floors starting on B1 and going up to the … Continue Reading →


World of Coca Cola Museum Taoyuan

There are a number of Coca Cola Museums around the world and I just visited the one in Taoyuan.  This is a museum that you have to know about and … Continue Reading →