Wugushuidui Park

Wugushuidui Park is located in Wugu.  If you come from Linkou take Fengliao Road and you will see it as you enter Wugu.  The GPS coordinates are  25.073607   121.428692.  There … Continue Reading →



Garbage in Taiwan is handled differently than where I live in the USA.  In the USA we recycle.  Where I live we have 3 garbage cans and we put garbage … Continue Reading →


Hutoushan Environmental Park

Hutoushan Environmental Park in Taoyuan has great day and night views of the city.  There is a lot to do and see in the area that can be combined with … Continue Reading →

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Liao Tian-ding Cave

Liao Tian-ding Cave is on the Bali side of Guanyin Mountain.  It is just off of route 49 which runs from Guanyin Mountain to Bali.  From the trail head to … Continue Reading →



Corona is a Mexican beer.  Mexico has a lot of beers, some of which are better than Corona but Corona became very popular in the USA when someone put a … Continue Reading →


Linkou Skyline from Guanyin Mountain

Linkou is finally getting a noticeable skyline.  A few years ago it was kind of flat, now with tall buildings being built especially near the new MRT it is getting … Continue Reading →


2017 Taiwan Tea, Coffee and Wine Expo

The 2017 Taiwan Tea, Coffee and Wine Expo was a 4 day event ending on November 20 and was held at the Nangang Expo Center.  This is the second year … Continue Reading →


Taipei International Jewelry and Fashion Show

The Taipei International Jewelry and Fashion Show was held in the Taipei Expo Park in conjunction with the International Travel Fair.  Just want to mention it because there is often … Continue Reading →


International Travel Fair

The international travel fair was held at the Taipei Expo Park next to the the Yuanshan MRT stop.  There were a lot of travel agents offering many good deals with … Continue Reading →


Latin Food and Music Festival

I was very happy to attend the Latin Food and Music Festival.  It felt so good to be able to speak Spanish in Taiwan even if it was brief.  I … Continue Reading →