Navy Destroyer Museum

The Teyang Navy Destroyer Museum is located in Tainan.  The entry fee is $50 NTD  (about $1.70 USD).  I enjoyed touring this ship, not often that you  have the opportunity … Continue Reading →


Tainan Snacks

Tainan is known for its food so I am going to mention a few snacks that I had for the first time.  Just because I was eating them for the … Continue Reading →


Anping Tree House – Tainan

The Anping Tree House is ranked #2 of 275 things to do in Tainan.  When you think of a tree house you imagine a tree with a small house built … Continue Reading →


Museum of World Religions

The Museum of World Religions is ranked as #79 of 531 things to do in New Taipei City.  It is located at 236 Zhongshan Road in the Yonghe District.  It is … Continue Reading →


Night view from Guanyin Mountain

There are a number of trails on Guanyin Mountain, the most popular being Yinghanling.  The terminal point of that trail is a scenic outlook which is the highest summit on … Continue Reading →


Bishan Temple Area

The Bishan Temple is located walking distance from the Neihu MRT Station.  It is also possible to take a bus.  The Bishan Temple offers spectacular views of Taipei City and … Continue Reading →


Dahu Park

It has been years since I have been to Dahu Park and I forgot about it.  The MRT stops there and offers a nice view of the park from the … Continue Reading →

Camping trip_170416_0012

Queenstown Campground, Sanxia Taiwan

There are a variety of ways to camp.  Queenstown Campground is nice, I guess you could say upscale as campgrounds go.  You could go there basically empty handed and rent … Continue Reading →


Recreational Shrimp Fishing

I have seen a couple of these recreational shrimp fishing places and wanted to experience it at least once.  My good fortune is that my friends invited me to join … Continue Reading →


Hongmaogang Cultural Park

“In 2007, the Hong Mao Gang Village was relocated from the original site in Siaogang District to make a way for Port of Kaohsiung Intercontinental Container Terminal. Using a small lot … Continue Reading →