Temple Ruin Night Hike

Two years ago I made a blog post titled “Temple Ruin”.  You may want to read that post and look at the photos as they were taken during the day.  This post I want to talk about the night hike that I just did there.  The hike was exciting because I have very little night hiking experience and because the destination was an abandoned temple.

If you go there at night or during the day be very careful at the temple.  The construction was never completed so there is a danger of missing a step and taking a long fall.  The hike is easy.  It is a mountain ridge that is about 100 meters (300 feet) above the surrounding area that offers some nice views.  It is pretty straight with little elevation change.  It is possible to miss the temple.  Near the end of the trail it turns to the right and descends taking you to a road.  Instead of turning to the right continue straight following a little path and it will take you to the temple.

The hike is about 2.5KM (1.5 miles) and will take about an hour in each direction.

The trail head is at N 25 3.521   E 121  19.379

The Temple is N 25  2.946   E 121  18.358

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