Yunsen Waterfall and more

When I think of Taiwan waterfalls I think of Kirk Beiser who has posted a lot of good information regarding waterfalls in Taiwan. Check him out at    I also think of Asher Leiss who also has a lot of good blog posts.  This particular waterfall I used information that he provided including GPS locations to find it.  Check him out at

Using the GPS location for the motor scooter parking that Asher had in his blog I parked right at the trail head.   This is not a place that one would find by accident.  As I was wondering how Asher found this, two Taiwanese women walked up to me and said that they were shocked that a foreigner could find this place.  Both of them had experience hiking that trail and they invited me to join them.  It was great to have English speaking guides and company as there were not many people on the trail.

I believe that for Taiwanese women an important aspect of hiking is sharing food.  It is like a potluck lunch.  Early in the hike they invited me to have lunch with them.  When lunch time came to my amazement they took out a stove, pots etc. and cooked a meal topped off with a cup of special tea.  To make it an authentic Taiwanese lunch after we finished eating we took a nap laying on the stones.

Taiwan has great scenery, it also has great people looking at that scenery.  Yes, the scenery is amazing but so are the people that you meet.

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  • melaxinyi says:

    Hah. This is amazing. I’ve yet to visit yunsen! Been meaning to do so for such a long time, but… north taiwan still feels so far away!
    Nice post.
    So nice to have super friendly Taiwanese ladies cook you a meal there! ;)

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